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DCPtools Remote Encoder

Your ultimate in-house solution for JPEG2000 encoding

  • Fast, faster, super fast - at 150 fps and more
  • Save time - parallelize import and encoding jobs
  • Select the best - simple generation of JPEG2000 versions of different quality
  • Let it work - background processing in a tuned supermicro server

Has your DCP workstation been blocked again for hours by the JPEG 2000 encoding process?
You should get DCPtools Remote Encoder, the appliance that will boost your encoding speed.

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The application

DCPtools Remote Encoder comes with a LINUX OS with integrated application software. It has to be installed on dedicated Supermicro server hardware (not included see HW-Requirements).

J2K encoding speeds up to 150 fps and more can be achieved with combination of Comprimato JPEG 2000 Codec and NVIDIA graphic cards.

Note: Multiple NVIDIA graphic cards are available and will increase the max. encoding speed.

Additional advantages for your workflow

Common tasks like color space transformation, cropping and scaling are included in the encoding workflow.

Multiple versions of the JPEG 2000 frames can be encoded in parallel to take full advantage of the hardware. Not sure about gamma or compression rate settings? Just give it a try and have your Remote Encoder compute alternative versions simultaneously without extra effort.

Of course you can also import several projects and have them encoded simultaneously.


  • Import files
    Import of image files like TIFF, DPX, JPG, Quicktime and more in each variants
  • Pre-Processing
    Imported files can automated cropped, scaled and/or padded for letter / and pillar boxing
  • Parallelization of Jobs
    » Parallel Import and preprocessing of multiple source files (USB/Network)
    » Parallel Processing of multiple variants from a source in different Bitrates, Gamma values etc.
  • User Interface
    Local management via Web interface and mobile devices. Remote access over the internet is also possible.
  • Output
    Generates DCI-compliant 2D / 3D for 2K / 4K JPEG 2000 files alternate INTEROP or SMPTE MXF-Files, HBR/HFR
  • GPU Acceleration
    Hardware accelerated JPEG2000 compression and color space transformation via Comprimato Encoding
  • Connection
    Fast network access from your workspace area (e.g. color grading system etc) or USB 3.0 HDD.
    Fast access to processed final JPEG 2000 files/MXF for e.g. easyDCP Creator(+)