• DCPtools KDM Studio

    KDM Studio automatically handles the generation and distribution of KDMs for any number of theaters word-wide.
    • Online web service
    • Manufacturer server certificates
    • Automated KDM distribution
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  • DCPtools Remote Encoder

    High speed in-house encoding of DCI compliant JPEG 2000 image data.
    • 100 fps and more
    • Parallel encoding
    • Automated generation of variants
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  • DCPtools Inspector

    Cost-free tool to analyze DCP files such as CPLs, KDMs and Server Certificates and find matches between them.
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Customer Feedback:

“I can’t imagine KDM and booking management without KDM Studio. You can access from anywhere and generate KDMs online in minutes or even seconds on your mobile device.”

Tahir Moosa
SharpImage (Business Partner | Co-Founder)
Karachi, Pakistan