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You have to distribute KDMs only once in a while? Especially because the supply of KDMs is not your daily business, you should treat yourself to the support that KDM studio offers. A customized database of cinemas, server certificates and previous bookings is at your command, whenever you have to distribute KDMs.

Available 24/7

Even after the automated mailing KDM Studio saves labor: Standard requests like a repeated KDM delivery or server certificates for swapped equipment will be answered by KDM24. It's KDM Studio's self-service portal for your recipients. All the while you can control everything from your mobile phone.


With KDM Studio you only pay the actual use per KDM transaction. For users like you, who only distribute KDMs now and then, there are small packages of 200 or 500 KDM credits available. Of course they remain valid indefinitely.

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Enter DCPtools KDM Studio in trial mode and get your initial 15 KDM credits to find out what is the best usage for your KDM distribution workflow.

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